C H O I C E S that honor you:  Congruency of values and actions.  Happiness in the journey.   Oh, well! when your mind wanders during mindfulness and meditation.  Initiate what you want.  Compassion for yourself and others.  Energy as you decrease withdrawals and increase deposits.  Success is one small step over and over and over.

Do you embody self-worth and self-accountability?

Do you engage your respiratory system to center as well as invigorate you?

Do your senses inform and enrich you?

Do you eat and drink to maximize function and performance?

Do you move for flexibility, mobility, posture, and strength?

Do your regulate your emotions to respect your boundaries and the boundaries of others?

Do you practice brain health? 

Do you alternate activity and rest?

Do you listen to and interact effectively with others?  

Do you develop and nurture relationships?

Do you express your raison d’etre?

Do you embrace growth, gratitude, resilience, and transcendence?

Each question addresses one of the twelve dimensions of The Wellness Inventory Wheel that John Travis, M.D., founded in 1972:  self-love and self-responsibility, breathing, sensing, eating, moving, feeling, thinking, playing and working, communicating, intimacy, meaning, and transcending.  He created the model of The Illness-Wellness Continuum to encourage people to continually track, re-balance, and improve.

Cultivate the curiousity to ignite your path.  Develop your personal values-based focus.  Re-wire your neural pathways to reverse negative default.  Reduce avoidance, distraction, and overwhelm.  Establish healthy coping mechanisms.  Realize that polarity thinking enhances your creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness.  Set self-help morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime activities such as breath exercises, emotional freedom technique, essential oils, journaliing, polyvagal activation, solitude in nature, and visualization.

If you have a medical issue, I know firsthand how mindset affects diagnosis and treatment.

Anne M. Szymanski

BrainBodyBEing Synthesis

Certified Wellness Inventory Coach, The Relaxation Response Training, ATRI-Certified Ai Chi Trainer, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Beginners, Certified Brain Fitness Coach, Certified Mindfulness for Pain Relief Facilitator

DISCLAIMER:  A coach provides information.  A coach does not diagnose nor treat and not a substitute for medical advice.  Always consult your healthcare practitioner before you undertake diet, exercise, medication, or supplement changes.  A coach is not a therapist.   A coach, when appropriate, will suggest professional services.      

LIABILITY:  The client and coach are partners who focus their mutual attention on what the client is currently experiencing, wants to achieve, and has the potential to accomplish.  Both client and coach understand and agree that client and coach work as a respectful team who pinpoint solutions.  The coach bears no responsibility for the client’s decisions nor the subsequent consequences of the client’s decisions.