Do you love yourself, accept yourself, and hold yourself accountable?

Do you use your breath to ground as well as re-invigorate yourself?

Do all your senses inform and enrich you?

Does what you eat and drink maximize your function and performance?

Do you move for flexibility, mobility, and strength?

Do you regulate your emotions to respect your boundaries and the boundaries of others?

Do your patterns, scripts, and self-talk positively rewire your brain? 

Do you successfully alternate activity and rest?

Do you initiate and practice effective communication?  

Do you establish and nurture relationships?

Do you know your purpose?

Does your brain, body, and BEing embrace growth and resilience?


Each question represents one of the dimensions of The Wellness Inventory Wheel, the foundation of The Illness-Wellness Continuum, John Travis, M.D., created in 1972.


Self-Love and Self-Responsibility,







Playing and Working, 



Finding Meaning, 




C ONGRUENCY:  the alignment of values and behavior 
H APPINESS:  the joy you deserve
O H, WELL!:  what you tell yourself when your mind wanders during meditation  
I NITIATE:  the life you visualize 
C OMPASSION:  for yourself and others
E NERGY:  decrease withdrawals and increase deposits
S UCCESS:  one small step again and again and again



A   PPRAISAL to know if you are stuck and need a new direction.

A   TTITUDE of learning mode versus judging mode.

A   WARENESS OF YOUR INNATE ABILITY to heal using meditation to alter your gene expression and the gene expression of your future generations.

If you have a medical issue, I know firsthand that the most important factors at the time of diagnosis are mindset, habits, expectations, and methods to implement science-based, whole-person strategies.

Anne M. Szymanski, Certified Wellness Inventory Coach; Brain, Body BEING Integration

S I P  A  C U P  Stretch Into Peace And Cultivate Ultimate Purpose 

You are as creative, resourceful, and whole as you decide to be.

The source of outside chaos is inside chaos.

When adaptive constructive coping mechanisms become maladaptive destructive coping mechanisms, problems ensue.

Things happen FOR you and not to you.

Change the thoughts that change your words that change your patterns that change your life.

Knowing the difference between potholes, ditches, mountains, and earthquakes is the key to gratitude and resilience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson:  “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”  There would be no butterflies if nothing ever changed.

Mark Twain:  “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you know why.”  No matter the length of your earthly experience, every person has purpose and everlasting impact.   


DISCLAIMER:  A coach provides information.  A coach does not diagnose nor treat and not a substitute for medical advice.  Always consult your healthcare practitioner before you undertake diet, exercise, medication, or supplement changes.  A coach is not a therapist.   A coach, when appropriate, will suggest professional services.      

LIABILITY:  The client and coach are partners who focus their mutual attention on what the client is currently experiencing, wants to achieve, and has the potential to accomplish.  Both client and coach understand and agree that client and coach work as a respectful team who pinpoint solutions.  The coach bears no responsibility for the client’s decisions nor the subsequent consequences of the client’s decisions.